Friday, February 13, 2015

Facebook Users Can Now Designate Someone to Manage Account After Death

In response to growing calls from the public, Facebook has given users more control over their account after death. 

From the Associated Press:

Facebook is making it easier to plan for your online afterlife. 

The world's biggest online social network said Thursday that it will now let users pick someone who can manage their account after they die. Previously, the accounts were "memorialized" after death, or locked so that no one could log in. 

But Facebook says its users wanted more choice. Beginning in the U.S., Facebook users can now pick a "legacy contact" to post on their page after they die, respond to new friend requests and update their profile picture and cover photo. Users can also have their accounts deleted after their death, which was not possible before.

For more, read the Associated Press article, add a legacy contact to your Facebook page, or learn more about managing "digital assets" after death.

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